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Build your real estate masterplan.

REAL Experience, REAL Tools and REAL Access. Learn the REAL way to invest from someone who is doing REAL deals everyday!

Set your foundation with one of the industry’s best turnkey operators.

Our comprehensive learning material covers everything from the time management, to wholesaling and building a successful real estate business.

High Quality Video Lessons

Each month receive a new HD video lesson that is conveniently available for viewing 24 hour per day, 7 days per week.

Comprehensive Study Guides

Each video lesson is supplemented with a step-by-step study guide. Print it out for review and take notes to enhance your learning experience.

Monthly Mastermind Webinars

A third component to the Wealth Builders experience is group learning in the form of exclusive monthly webinars. Learn not only from Will Holly, but also other investors from around the country!

A deeper look. Who is Will Holly? And what is Real Deal Wealth Builders?

The Real Deal Wealth Builders educational platform allows me to share my day-to-day real estate insight straight from my daily pipeline to students across the US and in several countries abroad. This is not the same recycled information that is available all over the internet from high-priced “gurus.” This is insider information from myself, a REAL and active investor, that will allow you to not only get started, but to truly excel in the development of your real estate business.



Month 1 – How to Get Started
Month 2 – Wholesaling
Month 3 – Flipping
Month 4 – Buying Rental Properties
Month 5 – How To Raise Private Money
Month 6 – Building Your Success Team
Month 7 – Leveraging Social Media For The Win
Month 8 – Running A Profitable Real Estate Business
Month 9 – Using Your IRA For Real Estate Investing
Month 10 – Personal/Business Credit Demystified
Month 11 – Smart Negotiating
Month 12 – Where To Look For Grants & Free Money
  • Monthly webinars
  • Digital Textbook delivered in real-time
  • Increase your business database by using our members-only deal board
  • Sample contracts and general documents
  • Access to National Lenders
  • “Marcell Minor here from Chicago, IL and I DEFINITELY approve of Will Holly & the HNPS team. Before entering the Real Deal Wealth Builders program, I tried a few other programs out there that wasn’t cutting it, mostly fluff & luckily I didn’t stay long enough to waste money…I read, used YouTube, went on a few other helpful real estate community sites to understand the game better in addition to Will Hollys program + earning my real estate license put everything in perspective. Everything Will teaches is extremely concise, Will is the “REAL DEAL” with zero fluff involved. The program HNPS provides has me strategically planning a full fledged business via Real estate.

    Thanks HNPS”

    - Marcell M.

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When will I receive my course material?

Each lesson is delivered monthly by video and consists of a step-by-step study guide and links to supporting documents and/or websites.

What makes Wealth Builder lessons different from other mentoring programs?

Since 2006, my company HNG has turned around over 900 distressed assets for investors, private lenders and banks. And it is from this pipeline that the lesson content for Real Deal Wealth Builders was derived. No two deals are alike, so it wouldn’t be in anyone’s best interest for me to recycle generic information. I give you my hard-earned wisdom because your success is my goal.

Do I need a computer?

Actually, you do not need a computer to keep up with your studies! Access your monthly lessons, documents and links 24/7 while on the go via smartphone, tablet…or of course, computer.

Can I download the course material in PDF?

Absolutely! Each video lesson is supplemented with a step-by-step study guide in PDF format. Many lessons also are accompanied with bonus documents as well, which also can be saved to your device for offline reading in browser storage.

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